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Coaching Contract

physcian coaching dinah miler

Coaching is a partnership, it involves active inquiry to help you define your goals and the steps to achieve them.  It offers a framework to discover your intuitive strengths and thrive.   Because I am also a psychiatrist/psychotherapist, it is important to note that coaching is not appropriate for someone suffering from an active or untreated psychiatric disorder, and that no diagnosis or treatment will be rendered, and no medications will be prescribed. Coaching is different than psychiatric care or psychotherapy and this partnership is conducted outside of the scope of medical practice.

What transpires in a coaching session is confidential unless I have reason to believe that someone’s safety is at risk.

Meetings will occur on a virtual platform.  If we can find mutually agreeable times and you would like to meet in person in my Baltimore office, that is also an option.

Coaching sessions are available in packages of 4 sessions for 45 minutes each.  The first  session will involve evaluating what you would like to address with career coaching, how work fits into the balance of your life, what parts of your career are currently working for you and coming up with steps to change the parts of your life that are not working for you.  You can stop after four sessions, or you can continue if you’d like on-going support as you work through the process, or if you need the flexibility to reshape your aspirations.  If your issues are complex, if you need me to meet with your supervisors or colleagues, if you need on-going coaching for very specific tasks such as interviewing, presenting your work, going through a promotion process, or getting through a difficult organizational barrier, you will likely want to continue on after the first 4 meetings.


The fee for coaching is $800.00 for 4 meetings.  If you find these sessions helpful, you may continue to sign on for more sessions.  Payment is due prior to the first meeting.  If, for any reason, you decide not to use all four coaching visits, the fees for unused times will be refunded in full.

Single session coaching conversations are offered at $250.00 session.

Rescheduling Policy:   Please schedule meetings at a time when you know you will be able to attend. In the case of an emergency, I will make every effort to offer another time. In the case of repeated cancellations, I reserve the right to end the coaching relationship and unused sessions will be refunded. Sessions that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded unless I can fill the appointment.

Please be aware that coaching clients are responsible for their own progress and results are not guaranteed.  At this time, I am only taking on physicians as clients. 

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